May 28, 2007

leftover bird

bookcover front

Full of new energy that I’ve got from last week break, I made this book cover today.
The little bird was a leftover from an appliqué quilt that I made for our daughter. I always thought she wasn’t interesting in quilts because she didn’t showed much of attention for what I was doing. But she likes the quilt with the birds, it hangs in her living room now. Next time I will make some pictures and show it here.
I'm making good progress on the appliqué quilt (last post), I'm still on schedule!!

detail bookcover

May 25, 2007

mini break

In case you wonder where I was last week? My husband and I went to Lanzarote for a mini break. We stayed in a nice hotel. During the day we relaxed by the pool had a little sunbathe and discovered the island. In the evenings we had some delicious dinners.
It was wonderful!!

room with a view

May 12, 2007

"Bold and almost beautiful"


I already wrote in a previous post about all of mine unfinished projects/ quilts. They are stock away behind closed doors, out of side out of mind? No, not really.
When I think of some of these quilts and on the number of years I’ve been working on them, I get a bit desperate. Will I ever be able to finish even one of them??
It’s about time to do something about it, so I made a schedule. Started with this Quilt.

I've got three of these blocks to go!

It’s an appliqué, all done by hand ( that alone takes time).

back of the quilt

Each week I have to do a certain amount of work on it. And if I do so according to my schedule I will finish this quilt next year September. That’s something to look forward to.
So, I better start working than!!

P5120783 P5120815
Old book were I got the pattern from

May 7, 2007

Travel angels

travel angel


Since a year or two I made several angels in all kind of colors and with differend type of wings. I used to called them my little angels. But now these angels have a mision, They are travel angels, here is why..
Our son travels in January 2006 (a student then), to Bolivia to do volunteer work at a house for streetchildren. While he was their he stayed with a Bolivian family who welcomed him in their home and in their lives. They treated him as if he was one of the family. He had such a good time over there.
He fell in love with the land, the people and his Bolivian family.
So, when he came home in June it was hard for him to pick up his old life again. He had left a big piece of his hart behind in "Cochabamba", Bolivia.
As his mother, I was happy he was home again, healty and safe. And I had good hope that his desire to go back slowly would fade away as time goes by.
I might have known better! Because, he graduated from school in July, found a job and with his first paycheck he went straight to the travel agency and bought a plane-ticket back to Bolivia.
So no discussion, that was that, he was going and it did'n matter if I liked it or not. Poor, poor me, I had to put away all my worries. It's such a long journey and so far away!
But he was going to a very nice family and I was sure they would look after him.
He packed his suitcase and I put in a couple of angels that I made. I thought they should travel with him as his guardian angels. Over there he could give them away as a little pressent. So of he went (and my angels too).
He had a great time with his Bolivian family and friends.
travel angel travel angel

Now he's back home again, picked up his life and making plans for his future, he is planning on going back to school again in September. He still has frequently contact with his family and friends in
Bolivia. An he has an experience that last a lifetime.
So, that's how these angels become travel angels. They are minimal weight, fit easily in any kind of luggage and are ready to travel.


May 1, 2007

Notebook cover


We just had the perfect weekend. It's still nice weather, no rain yet, so we have to water the plants on time to prevent them from drying out.
I made this cover for a notebook last saterday, when I was sitting outside enjoying the sun. The little basket with apples are in cross-stitch from a pattern that I found in an old samplerbook. The fabrics that I used are from kaffe fasset. I had some leftovers from an other project. I think the result looks lovely, (though I say so myself).

notebook front

notebook back
Notebook back